• FA-123280_keller © Technisches Museum Wien, Photo: Michaela Stankovsky
Sammlungsstrategie (PDF, 269 KB)

Collection strategy

2017 to 2020

By regional and even international standards the Technisches Museum Wien (Vienna Technical Museum) boasts a unique collection of the highest quality. We are well aware of the responsibility that entails, which is why we have introduced our ‘Horizon 100’ guiding principle. What exhibits will still be significant in a hundred years’ time? Which ones are the milestones along the way? Which ones on that 100-year journey will simply be inconspicuous but useful companions? And which ones are simply not fit enough to make – and complete – the journey? None of us can see into the future, and yet we now collect the present for the future, just as those before us, a hundred years ago, began collecting for an uncertain future.

But it’s not just future generations who are to benefit from what we are collecting and safeguarding today. We also want to nourish the present with a wealth of knowledge and endow it with the ability to recognise for itself the technological challenges in the broadest sense, to contribute actively to their solution, and also develop alternative ideas for progress. If we are to work on models for the future with a critical and visionary eye, topical issues such as mobility, globalisation, security and climate change require a basic understanding of technical, scientific and socio-political processes.

Our tradition has been to collect products designed or produced in Austria. Today, we are collecting the ‘culture of technology’ from the user’s viewpoint, i.e. applications such as they are used by the people who live in Austria today. As a rich collection of products from the former crown lands and dominions of the Habsburgs, the historical sections of the collection have always had a transnational flavour, from the very outset, and in today’s Europe they have become all the more relevant for it.

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