Mag. Monika Rabofsky
Mag. Monika Rabofsky
Organisational unit
Exhibition Organization
+43 (1) 89998 - 3580
monika.rabofsky [YWZmZW5rbGFtbWVy] tmw.at
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MMag. Monika Rabofsky

In-house film productions

With the Vienna Technical Museum since:

January 2010

My duties include:

  • Formulating concepts for the audio-visual content required in-house for the Museum’s media stations.
  • Cinematic rendition of research work or filming, through to post-production, subtitling and sound editing.
  • Short feature films for the homepage and press work.
  • Making documentary films on the inclusion of exceptional exhibits, exhibition setups and official openings for our in-house documentation also adds variety to my field of activity.

My recommendation for you:

Our media stations are prominently displayed throughout the Museum and the light they emit is particularly enticing – check them out for yourself for lots of exciting contextual information about the exhibits that surround them.
Individual screening areas with seating have been set up in the exhibition areas on ‘Energy’, ‘Heavy Industry’ and ‘Music’ – the comfortable way to enjoy longer films…
The cinematic staging of the Mercedes Silver Arrow retraces motor racing’s continual need for speed, using six monitors to tell the success story of the Silver Arrows as well as their darker sides.

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