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Family-Tour (Children Age 7–12)

The world of movie tricks


Movies tell stories and make the impossible possible. But how do things that don’t really exist make it onto the big screen? On this guided tour you’ll learn all about the history of film – from the first moving picture technology to modern special effects that create stunning movie worlds.

Nearly every movie uses special effects, whether it’s weather, make-up or bringing monsters to life. They dazzle and amaze, but do we actually know anything about the technology that’s behind it all? On this guided tour we’ll find out how individual static images eventually became a film and why films in the early days had no sound. We’ll follow step by step how a film is made and take a peek behind the scenes of the world of movies and its technology.


about45 Minutes

Group size:

max. 6 Persons


Erwachsene:EUR 4.50+Admission Tickets
Kinder unter 19 Jahren:EUR 4.50+Admission Tickets
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