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1850 - 1899

Gramme dynamo

From the World Exhibition to Berndorf: cutlery was plated and streets lit by use of the dynamo.

In the 19th century, galvanic coating of metal surfaces was one of the first commercial applications of electrical current. The DC dynamos made by the Belgian Zénobe Gramme are particularly well suited as current sources as they are able to supply high current intensities with low voltages. In the late 1870s, Gramme was able to increase the efficiency of the machines by reducing so-called eddy currents. For the magnetic part of the rotor, he used sheets of metal insulated against each other instead of solid iron.

The Berndorf entrepreneur Alfred Krupp acquired this machine at the Vienna World Exhibition in 1873 and used it for the decorative plating of cutlery. A happy side-effect for the population: using this dynamo, street lighting was also introduced in Berndorf, one of the first communities to receive it in the Austrian Monarchy.

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