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Energy & Mining
1930 - 1939
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Fleissner coal-drying plant

Drying with steam – a paradoxical way to dry coal. When rough coal contains too much water, it is dried using saturated steam.

If the water content of the mined rough coal is too high it has to be reduced before use. This coal desiccation takes place in a drying procedure using saturated steam. Hans Fleissner, professor of chemistry at the Leoben University of Mining developed a procedure using steam pressure in the 1920s. It also guaranteed the lump size of coal that was important for sales. Fleissner additionally developed an ore-roasting procedure and a ‘sounding’ firedamp indicator.

In 1927, the Alpine Montangesellschaft set up the first plant at the Karl shaft of the Köflach-Voitsberger coalfield. The rough coal mined here contained up to 40 % water. After the closure of the plant in 1952, a modernized coal-drying plant was operated from 1955 - 1976 in Bärnbach, in the direct vicinity. The Zeltweg machine factory exported additional plants around the world.

Date of origin: around 1930
Model 1:20

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