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1800 - 1849
  • Dietmar Linzbacher

Corn mill (Retz windmill)

A little bit of Holland in the Weinviertel: this model belonging to the Technisches Museum Wien (Vienna Technical Museum) shows a windmill from Retz in Lower Austria that is well worth seeing.

The original is a conical tower mill (Dutch style) made from stone. The shingle roof can be turned to face the correct wind direction from the ground using a roller conveyor, an external frame and a windlass. In addition, the sail area can be adjusted to the existing wind. Suspended ‘wooden doors’ change the usable surface of the sails to correspond to the speed of the wind.

The four sails are mounted on the oak sail shaft (horizontal beam) and turn the large cogwheel in the upper storey. The energy is transmitted through the conical spindle wheel to the long vertical shaft, a vertically-installed spruce trunk. This shaft drives the millstones and all of the auxiliary units necessary for operation.

When grinding corn, the freely-mounted vertical shaft supports the spur wheel, from which the millstones are turned as undershot drive-shafts from three lanterns. The fixed base stone and the rotating runner stone receive an appropriate amount of corn from the shaker. In the cellar of the windmill, the miller's workshop with the tools for working wood has been completely retained.

This mill was constructed by a miller called Johann Bergmann in 1853 and remained in operation until 1927. In the following year, it became a protected monument. In 2009 and 2010, a Dutch company replaced the sails. The mill has been able to be presented in its original state since May 2010.

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