Vortex-wheel mill

Almost a turbine: vortex wheels are suitable for driving corn mills in mountainous areas. They use small volumes of water with a large head.

Water is guided to the blades using a raceway assembled from boards. This mill has certain similarities to today's turbines. The form and design of the blades, however, are far from current high-tech products. The mill gear sits directly on the upper end of the waterwheel shaft.

This type of water mill can be found in many mountainous farming areas. They were developed independently in the Alps, in the Taurus Mountains and in the Himalayas. In Austria, vortext-wheel mills are known as Fludermühlen or Flodermühlen.
The waterwheel, shaft and mill gear of this mill from the collections of the Technisches Museum Wien (Vienna Technical Museum) are original; the frame is a reproduction.

Gift: J. M. Voith, turbine factory and iron foundry, St. Pölten
Date of origin: 19th century

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