• Heidi the post office drone Heidi the post office drone, © Technisches Museum Wien
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Heidi the post office drone


Do you click-and- collect or have it delivered? We order online and, in no time at all, the package arrives on our doorstep. What we find very convenient is in fact a major logistical challenge. The use of drones might be one possible vision for a solution. (Teaser)
The flow of goods is increasing all the time; road traffic is getting denser; the environment is suffering; and customer expectations are rising. The so-called ‘last mile’ is often a particular challenge. How to send a single letter or a small parcel up a mountainside or off to a remote village without actually going there? Already in Antiquity, people knew that carrier pigeons could transport messages. In 2017 the Austrian Post Office teamed up with the Technical University of Graz to launch a drone trial. Successfully so. But right now the idea cannot be implemented for legal and economic reasons.

Heidi the post office drone, Graz Technical University, Institute of Computer Graphics and Vision, 2018

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