‘Alpine Miner’ F-6A part-face heading machine

 © Technisches Museum Wien, Photo: Peter Sedlaczek
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Energy & Mining
1950 - 1959
The F6-A Alpine Miner of the Österreichisch-Alpine Montangesellschaft in Zeltweg was used in Wolfsegg Traunthaler Kohlewerks AG works for mining Upper Austrian lignite.

The Alpine Miner is a part-face heading machine for cutting medium-hard rock. It can be used for tunnelling as well as for mining coal and ore. The rock is milled out of the support face or drift face in pieces using the rotating milling head, equipped with hard-metal bits, at the end of the pivoting arm. The mined rock or coal falls to the ground and from there is pushed by the loading arms, moving like the arms of a lobster, onto the scraper chain conveyor. At the rear end of the machine, it reloads this onto a further conveyor belt.

During cutting, water is sprayed through jets onto the rock to prevent excess dust formation. The remaining dust is vacuumed away through air conduits. De-dusting filters clean the outgoing air.

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